Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Food bloggers delight

A perfect loaf... perfect crust, yummy interior
Our office used to be two doors down from Bakery Normand, whose bread is pictured here.

A rack of pretzel rolls
Morning sunshine in the croissant

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  1. Really nice work with the templates--and with making them a free download--I think I may end up using this one for myself. One thing I noticed in installing this on a test blog--and that I've seen on others who are using this template--is that the Blogger navigation bar gets pushed to the bottom of the post if it isn't hidden or removed. You may want to advise people to go in and remove the bar once they've installed Sartorial 2 or 3. The "glitch" is easy to miss if you're not paying attention.

    I'm **this** close to installing this template, but I don't make the jump because the right sidebar is too short for my needs. Is there a way to make the sidebar taller, but still keep it fixed?


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