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Confluent Forms LLC is a boutique design and software development firm based in Easthampton, MA. Our goal in every project is to provide a superior final product that empowers our customers, their users and their audience.

Lately we've been developing a lot of sites for our clients using Blogger and have done some amazing things that have been noticed by the Blogger team at Google. We've also been posting lots of tips, tricks, and help articles related to Blogger and other Google services on our BlogXpertise site.

In creating gorgeous sites for our clients, we've been asked numerous times if we can develop some high-quality, generic Blogger templates for people to use. So far, we've created two templates: BoyBurnsBlog and Sartorial 2.

Like the template but want something completely custom? Not a problem! Contact us at info@confluentforms.com or 413-303-9612.

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